lemon brat


My younger cousin has had cancer for the past couple of years and my dad said last night that theres nothing more the doctors can do for him. Im pretty upset. Dunno who to talk to. I dont really want to be at work today.

Last night I was at my friends step dads pub for her birthday and this ridiculously posh boy sat down opposite one of me and my mates and went “so, tell me about yourselves, i don’t know you guys”. when he found out i did a degree in american studies he said “oh fantastic, well i love speaking to people who have actually learned about the slave trade. what do you think of it??” as though i could have some nuanced fucking reason for believing the slave trade was OK. as though it’s up for debate or a necessary question to ask. i told him, obviously, it was barbaric and destabilising and he started feeding me all that shit about how inter-african slave trades existed back then too, which i said was a false equivalency that makes people think it’s OK to rationalise the Atlantic slave trade. and then he just started making no sense and going on about democracy, the empire, how the colonisation of india is a good thing and randomly mentioned iraq and saddam hussein and i have no idea why???? and how nowhere would be how it is today without the empire.

After I disagreed with him he asked if i’d been travelling, and when i said i hadn’t, he basically attacked me, going on a rant saying things like “you’re an idiot lefty hypocrite who believes everything the media tells you about a country you’ve never been to. i’ve been to nearly every country in africa and i have houses in different countries, how dare you try and speak for people you don’t know. you want to just swan in and say look at all the poor people, look at what we did, we need to fix it. they don’t care in africa. they’re better off”, completely shouting over me when i tried to say that having a fucking holiday home somewhere doesn’t mean you know anything about the culture either.

then he started talking about how i was sat in one of the most expensive parts of surrey having a drink so how could i talk for the working class - even though i had not mentioned a single thing about working class people, and neither had he. (not to mention the fact that i was there because my friends step dad runs the pub and it was her birthday, not because i would choose to go to an expensive pub in the middle of nowhere, but thats besides the fucking point). After all of this, he said ‘So, what do you think?’ and I just stood up, walked away and said ‘I think you’re a fucking cunt, that’s what I think’. I’ve never been so rude to somebody but I was so angry

A little later me and my friend were sat with the pub dog and the woman who owns the pub, and he came over and started stroking the dog too. i can’t remember what he said but the woman was like “you need to calm down or leave because 3 people have complained about things you’ve been saying and this is a private function you actually haven’t been invited to.” and he said “i’m sorry but if people can’t handle what i’m saying then that’s their issue, and i think you need to tell me specifically what people have said” so I told him he needed to get fucked because it was her pub and she doesn’t need to explain anything to him, to which she obviously agreed, and I just walked away again.

Afterwards, I was stood at my bar and my friend told me that he’d just called me a ‘lefty dyke’, n my friends step dad kicked him out and had a go at him. As if I’d need to be a lesbian to not want to put up with his shit? He was the worst person I’ve ever met, probably. He was wearing a gilet and fucking riding boots and sounded like getting words out was one of the most difficult things ever and I was thiiiis close to punching him in the face.

nobody is up or in to sit with me and open my 21st bday cards before i go to work

so fuck it, im going to smoke a joint and go in an hour late cause they said i could



Almost a thousand people in West Africa die from ebola and nobody bats an eyelash, yet 2 white people in the US contract it and miraculously a cure is released and given to them because they’re an “extreme circumstance.” Satire is dead and real life is a dystopian hellscape

for fucking real

i hate getting to that point where i wanna know if the guy smokes weed or not it feels rly awkward to ask

if they dont i usually go off them by like 80% immediately. but boys who dont smoke weed are worming their way into my heart recently by their ability to get up in the morning <3